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About Us

UnitPins company was founded in 2008 in China,we are a factory direct supplier of a wide range of custom promotional products designed to promote your company, your logo or product, your employees and their achievement and teamwork, your charities, your military and first responder units, your sports teams from little leagues to big leagues and any other story you have to tell.

We have been manufacturing and exporting different kinds of promotional products for over 13 years! We foucus on Lapel Pins,Challenge Coins,Keychains,Medals,Badges,and other extended products which are popular sell in North America,Europe and other areas around the world.

Our mission is to deliver top-quality promotional and custom products while providing exceptional customer service,we are standing by ready to help you find what you need.Products from UnitPins are of the highest quality and are masterfully manufactured to offer you,the customer,the best promotional products on the market. 

Contact us now! we will always be your one of the best suppliers.

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